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The Drink of Milk in Victory Lane

Thomas, Forgey set to deliver Victory Circle milk

INDIANAPOLIS – Every driver in the 2011 Indianapolis 500-Mile Race will want to make the acquaintance of two Hoosier dairy farmers on Sunday afternoon, May 29.

And they’ll know exactly where to find them. Richard Thomas and David Forgey will be standing, cooler in hand, on some of Central Indiana’s most valuable real estate – Victory Circle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


What’s the ‘Sports World’s Coolest Prize’? Milk, of course!

INDIANAPOLIS – College football has the legendary Heisman Trophy. Hockey has the Stanley Cup. There’s the Green Jacket at Augusta, the Olympic Gold Medal, the Kentucky Derby’s Blanket of Roses, and the Old Oaken Bucket that’s coveted each autumn by Indiana and Purdue Universities’ football teams.

And then there’s the Bottle of Milk that goes to the winner of the Indianapolis 500. According to www.si.com – the Sports Illustrated web site – the Bottle of Milk tops ‘em all as the “Sport’s World’s Coolest Prize.”

The honor was bestowed by writer Pete McEntegart in his si.com column, “The 10 Spot” in December 2005. According to McEntegart, his list reflected the sports awards that possess the most character or uniqueness – in other words, “the cool factor.”


Meyer’s thirst for buttermilk launched Indy’s Victory Circle tradition

INDIANAPOLIS – When legendary race driver Louis Meyer pulled into Victory Lane at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Memorial Day 1933 and asked for a cold glass of buttermilk to quench his thirst after 500 grueling miles, little did anyone realize a tradition had been born.

Yet that’s exactly what happened. With his simple request, the late, great Meyer – Indy’s first three-time winner – established a tradition that has become an endearing part of Indianapolis lore.


Annual ‘Winners Drink Milk’ Award toasts 500-Mile Race champion

INDIANAPOLIS – One of the most popular and recognized traditions at the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race is showcased annually through presentation of the Winners Drink Milk Award by the American Dairy Association of Indiana.

The award was created by the Hoosier dairy organization to honor both the reigning champion of the 500-Mile Race as well as the legacy of the great Louis Meyer, the first three-time winner (1928, ’33, ’36). The legendary Meyer, who passed away in 1995, is acknowledged as the driver who started the Victory Circle Bottle of Milk Tradition when he asked for a glass of buttermilk to quench his thirst after a grueling 500 miles in 1933. Three years later, Meyer was photographed drinking milk in Victory Lane. Milk was presented off and on during the next several years until, in 1956, the Bottle of Milk was made a permanent part of the post-race celebration by Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner Anton “Tony” Hulman.


500 Festival activities showcase ADA during May

INDIANAPOLIS – The American Dairy Association of Indiana (ADA) proudly participates in a trio of 500 Festival activities during the month of May. Each solidifies the tradition and long-standing relationship between the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indianapolis 500 and Hoosier dairy farm families.

Among activities are:

OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon
ADA helped kick off the month at the 35th OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon by providing chocolate milk to runners at the conclusion of the nation’s largest half-marathon. Over 10,000 Prairie Farms chocolate milk pints were handed out to Mini-Marathon runners to refuel and replenish after the grueling 13.1 mile event on Saturday, May 7.