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Spokespersons Help Bridge Gap Between Farm and City

Many in the dairy industry lament that consumers today no longer know where food comes from nor understand the importance of agriculture. American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc. hopes to change that sentiment through its Dairy Farmer Spokesperson Network.

Started by Dairy Management Inc.™ and supported by state and regional dairy promotion groups, the Dairy Farmer Spokesperson Network was designed to help educate the public about responsible on-farm production practices such as feed quality, animal care and environmental stewardship. Dairy farmers from across the country serve as spokespersons, having received media and crisis communications training.

MPSI is proud to work with the a number of dairy farmers who currently serve as our spokespersons. These dairy farmers have participated in training workshops where they learned how to talk with the media about dairy and agriculture issues. They are knowledgeable about current issues and follow best management practices on their farms.

In recent interviews, our dairy farmer spokespersons have talked about their role as both dairy farmer and industry spokesperson. They have been interviewed on biosecurity issues and the steps dairy farmers are taking to keep their farms safe and secure. They have participated in promotion programs, too, such as June Dairy Month festivities and consumer events.

If you are interested in learning more about MPSI's Dairy Farmer Spokesperson Network, please contact us atPurcell@winnersdrinkmilk.com or call (317) 842-3060.